Despite its pedigree as the oldest of sciences, astronomy remains a vital discipline in the modern era. Space probes extend humanity’s reach as well as its gaze beyond the boundaries of earth, sending back information about our celestial neighbors. New discoveries are being made literally every day in the field, as astronomers look out into space and back into time using a wide variety of observational and computational tools. This is not unusual for science in the “information age”, but what sets astronomy apart from many other sciences is its accessibility to non-scientists.

The goals of the Astronomy Program at Austin Community College are:

  • To provide students with classes in introductory astronomy suitable for transfer to satisfy the science requirements of four-year institutions;
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills required to understand and appreciate basic ideas of astronomy, to pursue astronomy as lifelong learners, and to think critically as scientifically aware citizens.

The Astronomy Program has a strong, experienced, and dedicated faculty that teaches a dynamic and engaging subject. Take a class and discover the universe!

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