CecilAfter serving as a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard, Cecil took advantage of the G.I. Bill and returned to school to acquire new skills that are in demand for today’s job market.  He decided to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Biotechnology because the program has a workforce focus with strong job placement success.

While working on his Bachelor’s degree in physics Cecil quickly discovered he enjoyed working in the laboratory, and was looking for a program with a hands-on laboratory approach. He found that and more at ACC’s Biotechnology Program.  After extensive advanced biotech training on state-of-the-art equipment, Cecil accepted a paid internship position as a Wagner Grant Tutor and cGMP lab project manager. During his internship he worked directly with students both in the lab providing equipment and laboratory training, and outside of the lab with organized tutor and study sessions. In between classes he also worked directly with the Grant Coordinator in setting up the Biotechnology program’s new cGMP lab!

Immediately after graduation from ACC’s Biotech program, Cecil accepted an exciting full time position with Bioo Scientific. as a Lateral Flow Production Assistant where he performs solution and reagent preps for food safety testing kits as well as quality control testing to ensure viability of test kits.

Cecil credits his success to the Biotech Program providing him with strong laboratory skills preparing him for a job in the biotechnology industry. “the lab skills I’ve learned in the Biotech program were just as important as the classroom skills while the industry contacts and job placement assistance was  key in securing a job so quickly after graduation”.

Author: Stephanie McCurley, ACC Biotech Program Graduate