You have decided to enter a career pathway that can make a positive difference in people’s lives as well as your own. Hopefully you have picked this path because you enjoy learning about science, problem solving, working in a biosciences lab, and contributing to a team effort.

It is essential to not only learn important skills in the areas of math, science, and communication but master them as well. Remember, when you are on the job there is no (80%) B or (70%) C in mastering the knowledge and skills, there is only 100% mastery —for example, you cannot prepare chemical solutions correctly 70% of the time, you have to do it correctly, and in a timely manner, 100% of the time.

At this point in the program you have acquired training in essential workforce laboratory skills. The level-one coursework is extremely important and you need to master it before you can move on to learn specialized skills such as those used in cell culture, instrumentation and molecular biotechnology!

Placement Exam Schedule & Location

The Biotechnology Placement Exam is offered during open labs. Email the program for information. Labs are located at both the Round Rock (RRC) and Eastview (EVC) campuses.

Ready to get started?

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