To enroll in a second year Biotechnology Program course you are required to pass the required pre-requisite courses (BIOL 1406, BIOL 1414, BIOL 1415, and BITC 1340) with a C grade or higher, submit a completed basic resume, and pass a placement exam with a grade of 80% or higher. You will be required to take the exam until you obtain a score of at least 80%. A course of action will be recommended to help you reach that goal. Once you pass the placement exam (and the upper division coursework) you will not be required to re-take the exam.


  1. In the semester prior to the upper division course, contact Steven Spurlock to find out when the placement exam is being offered. It is offered during any Open Labs throughout the semester, and a limited number of times during intersession. Note, this is a 2 hour exam.
  2. It is recommended that you take the placement exam after you have completed BIOL 1415. You will be permitted to register for the upper division coursework as long as you present your instructor with documentation of passing the placement exam on the first day of class.
  3. Submit a completed hard copy of your basic resume with the placement exam, or you will not be permitted to take the exam. See instructions in the BIOL 1414 Lab manual or attend free workshop here:
  4. Study! It is STRONGLY recommended that you prepare and study for the placement exam. This is particularly important if you received a B/C grade in any of the pre-requisite coursework or you have not taken these courses in the past two years.

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