JessSince she was young, Jessica Cogdill had an interest in science and saw herself performing genetics, or regenerative medicine research. Unfortunately, she didn’t have access then to resources for hands-on laboratory training, so she made a successful career for herself in office management. Always wanting more from her job, she decided to enroll in ACC’s Biotechnology Program.

She began the program in 2014, and like a lot of older students that have been in the workplace for some time, she had to overcome many academic and personal barriers to successfully complete the program. With the support of her family, and the Program Faculty and staff, she not only graduated from the program, she was invited to give the keynote address for the new $4.9 million ACC Biosciences Incubator ground breaking ceremony. These facilities will assist start-up biotech companies reach commercialization potential while in partnership with students just like Jessica.

Jessica credits the program with providing her not only essential technical skills that gave her confidence to find a fulfilling career but also much needed support to see the program until the end. She found support not just from the many talented ACC faculty, but also, from administrative and laboratory staff, peer tutors and biotechnology open labs. After a very successful internship at one of Austin’s top Biotech companies, Bioo Scientific, Jessica was hired on full time and is now working in the Next Generation Sequencing department preparing kits for researchers to use in their genetics research!

ACC is always providing students with new and innovative ways to expand their student’s knowledge and to become more efficient in their skills and abilities. As a successful ACC graduate I just want to say thank you to ACC for continuing to invest into your students, faculty, and local biotechnology companies.”