lahronEducation: ACC Biotechnology Program
Completed Certificate of Biotechnology in the fall 2005

Employer: Luminex Inc.

Luminex is a manufacturer of a bio-assay instrument. This is a very powerful diagnostic and research tool capable of analyzing 100 assays in a single well of a 96-well plate. The instrument utilizes flow cytometry/laser photomultiplier detection methods to identify fluorescent dyes capsulated in 5 micron polystyrene spheres. The red laser detects the beads and a green laser detects the presence of a captured molecule. Luminex is a young company with a promising future.

Job duties: I am employed as a QC analyst in the instrument test department. My duties are to evaluate the accuracy of the instrument, and the quality of its construction. I run a series of test with control beads, gather the results, and determine if the results meet the requirements.

Personal: After High School I studied X-ray technology but had to put those plans aside to raise a family. I worked in home construction for 15 years and then as a CNC machinist for 12 years. The crash of the electronics industry in Austin caused me to loose my career as a machinist and at the age of 47 I returned to school. I found the Biotech program at ACC to be very challenging, and personally rewarding.

Most rewarding job aspect: It is a good feeling knowing that my job may help to advance the human condition.