NicoleNicole Janette Bono: Biotech Graduate

Nicole Bono graduated from our program in Fall 2002, Presently, she is finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University while working at the local area hospital as a EKG tech. She sent the program a letter last week, thanking the program for her training as it helped her land a scholarship and a slot in a Ph.D. program.

Nicole has been accepted for Fall 04 admission into the West Virginia University School of Medicine’s Ph.D. program. During her interview the admissions panel expressed some concern because, unlike many other applicants, Nicole did not have a master’s degree. Nicole told the panel what she had learned in the ACC Biotechnology Program. Based on what she said, the panel was satisfied that she was “up to speed” and a worthy candidate for the doctoral program.

Way to go Nicole!